Volunteers Have Christmas Wrapped Up!

This week, local volunteers have been busy wrapping Christmas presents for homeless, elderly and vulnerable people in Waterloo.

As part of WeAreWaterloo’s Together at Christmas campaign, local businesses donate presents, which are wrapped by volunteers and distributed to local Waterloo charities including Oasis Waterloo, Waterloo Foodbank and the Drive Forward Foundation.

The large space needed for the wrapping session is provided by Waterloo Action Centre, while volunteers are rewarded for their time with pizza from local restaurant Crust Bros.

Gifts donated include items such as warm clothing, toiletries and non-perishable food, ensuring some of the most vulnerable people in society can enjoy Christmas without worrying about everyday essentials. 

This scheme is a fantastic way for local businesses to support those in need directly on their doorstep. We distribute the wrapped presents to local charities ahead of any Christmas celebrations they’re planning. In the current times it’s important to do everything we can to support people and this allows us to connect with local residents and the community directly.

Harrie Notton, WeAreWaterloo

You can find out more about WeAreWaterloo at wearewaterloo.co.uk

We run YoYoPop design business just round the corner from Waterloo Action Centre. It’s crucial for us to help out and be part of the community and we love the amazing work these organisations do. We used to make sandwiches here for the social groups at Waterloo Action Centre, it’s always a great atmosphere.

Michelle and Trev Harvey, YoYoPop

Photo left-to-right: Trev, Michelle, Harrie, Alex