Some of the services we offer at WAC

Legal Advice Centre

We will all come up against legal issues in our lives. Legal matters often cause great anxiety and legal help can be costly and confusing, leaving people wondering where to turn.

The legal advice service was one of the first services to be established at WAC and has been running for nearly 50 years. A team of solicitors give their time for free, seeing over 80 people a week, ensuring everyone can get the advice and support they need.

Computer and IT Help

WAC has a dedicated computer room and IT specialist, providing free computer use, training and assistance to anyone who needs it.

Many of WAC's users do not have access to the internet. We train and help people to do whatever they need to online, from paying bills to applying for jobs, ensuring they aren't left behind in an increasingly digital world.

We have also secured free laptops and smartphones for many of our users who needed them.

Benefits Advice Service

Many of the most vulnerable people in our society are unable to access the benefits they need to survive, whether because they don't know how to find out what's available, or are unable to apply due to language issues or not being able to use the internet. We have seen people who have come to us unable to pay for food or to wash their clothes.

WAC has a trained benefits advisor who gives free help in understanding and applying for benefits, making sure no-one slips through the net and ensuring everyone is able to live without fear of poverty.

Charity Shop

A crucial part of any community centre is understanding and getting to know the local community, having a presence on the street and being able to reach out to the most vulnerable.

As well as being somewhere people can pick up a bargain, the charity shop also distributes warm clothing and sleeping bags to Waterloo's large homeless community. It is a crucial point of social contact as many people will stop by for a chat, which also helps us to reach out to those in need and refer them to our other services.


Some of the groups that call WAC home

Morley Blades Fencing School

Morley Blades provide affordable fencing classes for all ages and abilities, regularly running courses for beginners. A high level of fitness isn't essential, meaning older people can get involved, and more than half of their beginners classes are made up of women. Morely Blades are particularly proud that none of their members have lost a duel in over 50 years!

Paris Rock Club

The Paris Rock Club run rock n' roll dance classes for people of all ages and abilities. There is a weekly class at WAC and a monthly dance party to show off what you've learned and make new friends. The movement and exercise is great for older people, and many people report how much dancing with the group has improved their mental wellbeing.

London Drawing

London Drawing run affordable life drawing classes for people of all ages and abilities. The group benefits from professional tuition and a wide variety of models with poses from 30 seconds to one hour. A welcoming group with a laid-back atmosphere, London Drawing is a great place for people to make friends and get creative.

Over-50s Club

The over-50s club is a place for people to get together in a member-led group twice a week to socialise and meet their friends. The members organise their own food and drinks. Members chat about everything and anything, some saying it's the only place they're able to socialise with people their own age.

Dilek Taptik School of Dance

The Dilek Taptik School of Dance runs dance and ballet lessons for all ages, from 'Baby Ballet' to classes for adults of all abilities. Younger dancers are offered an imaginative entry to the world of ballet, in classes that are fun and creative and enable them to flourish and feel safe.

Heart and Mind Counselling

Heart and Mind use WAC for their diploma course in counselling, providing training at a reduced rate thanks to WAC's affordable room hire. Students are trained to a professional level and attend placements with local projects providing counselling to vulnerable individuals.

Out And About Club

The Out And About Club meet twice a week to talk and socialise. As well as providing an important social contact for many of their members, it is also the only chance many members get to socialise in their own language, with people who share the same background, including a French bingo session once a week.

Men's Group

The men's group is a weekly group that provides essential contact for men who want to socialise, have a cuppa and make friends in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Sewing Club

Some people come to the sewing club simply to learn a new skill, and others to learn how to mend their own clothes or clothes they have bought second hand, helping to save money.

As we get older many people also suffer from arthritis or failing eyesight. Doing fine needlework helps maintain motor skills, and all done in a friendly group where people can meet new friends and chat whilst sewing.

Table Tennis Group

The table tennis group has been meeting for several years. The group provides essentail social contact for its members and the opportunity to get involved in sport and gentle exercise in a fun and non-judgemental environment.