We have 305 testimonials so far. Keep 'em coming!

We have 305 testimonials so far.
Keep 'em coming!

Jean Leclerc

Posted on 27 March 2021

I have been using WAC for more than twenty years and it as been always a welcome place.

Along the years i have delivered group activities by giving voluntary work, training, organising activities for Waterloo residents (Ready steady cook, Upholstery, Art and dance classes, catering and event caretaker when needed.

The free legal advice on Thursday is very useful and i thoroughly recommend. it and I have used it twice during those years.

By kipping most activities free or at very raisonnable prices, we have maintained a good social network around waterloo area.

I hope that will be able to continue for years to come.

Jean Leclerc

Jennifer Wood

Posted on 26 March 2021

The enormous increase in rent is a devestating blow to WAC who work so hard to help the local community with activities, legal advice, learning facilities and local information. Throughout the pandemic they have keep in contact with all who attend the centre to ensure their wellbeing, offering advice on computer skills and general information and keeping people connected. Many attendees derive enjoyment, friendship and happiness from the facilities and if Waterloo Action Centre would have to close many people will lose out on their invaluable services.

I, for one, have attended many different classes and I and others would be devistated if WAC were forced to close. It's been a dreadful time dealing with loneliness during the pandemic, and it's after effects will continue for a long time to come, the toll on mental wellbeing would be enormous if the community were deprived from enjoyment and stimulation which WAC offer, building up problems for the future.

Mary Prince

Posted on 25 March 2021

I retired when I was nearly 69. I knew I had to find some social activity and new friends (especially friends) to keep me motivated and keep me going. Waterloo Action Centre was just the place! The staff were so happy to help and show all the activities that were there for you to choose from. I now have been with WAC for 4 years now. One morning I do gentle exercises which is so important for people’s health. Another morning I play table tennis which I absolutely love playing. There are so many opportunities for us at WAC, it would be so upsetting and inhuman to take all this away from us now.

I have always had respect for Lambeth for looking after their older generation, I do hope that I’m not wrong in this situation.

Mary Prince.

Chris Dann

Posted on 24 March 2021

Waterloo Action Centre is great! I have made lots of friends there and there is always great community work going on. The charity shop is fantastic too and always a great place to find an interesting bargain!


Posted on 22 March 2021

As a volunteer in WAC for the last two years, I witnessed how helpful, if not essential, the center is to the Waterloo community: elderly members love to meet up every Thursday and for many is one of the highlights of their week. Others love the activities they are part of (knitting, dancing and many others). And of course, working on Thursday I receive so many calls about the Legal Advice clinic, free to people living in the south London boroughs....and a true lifeline for many....